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    Olive Oils

    We literally worship our olive trees. This ancient wonder of nature has been a symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity throughout history and for good reason! The tree is a survivor, sturdy and though, while everything about the tree can be used for different purposes. So far we stick to the wood, the fruits and the leaves, but we keep on exploring the other possibilities!

    With great care, energy and precision we manage to produce organic olive oil of a superior, outstanding quality from the Kalamon and Koroneika varieties we have. Always first press, cold extracted and virgin! Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a veritable healing genie in a bottle. It balances blood sugar, cools inflammation, soothes arthritis, lowers cholesterol and helps to keep your arteries healthy. In fact, it benefits every part of the human body!

    The Kalamon is a large, almond-shaped olive with a deep purple colour and a non-bitter taste. This olive is considered one of the finest varieties of table olives in the world! Olives that are not large enough to pass the table olive criteria, we use for our oil. The fruit/oil ratio is lower than in oil varieties, but the taste is undisputedly the best! Kalamon oil is rich, nutty and mild in flavour and has a golden-yellow colour.

    The Koroneiki is a small, round-shaped olive with a colour variation from green to dark purple. It's a very old, pure Greek variety (3000 years) and a prolific olive oil producer! The golden green Koroneiki oil has a deliciously robust and fruity flavour, which finishes with a pleasant, peppery zing in the back of the throat. The Koroneiki oil has been ranked first in the world and enhances the taste of whatever it adorns.

    Extra virgin Olive Oil

    Olive Oil EV

    Ingredients: Kalamon or Koroneika Olives (Olea europaea) .

    Extrissimo virgin Olive Oil

    Olive Oil EX

    Ingredients: Kalamon or Koroneika Olives (Olea europaea).